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Hello, I'm Georgia. I'm 18 and I have naturally ginger hair. I enjoy listening to music whilst lying in fields in the sun.


you know when ur in a certain position in the car where its like wow if i get in a crash im fucked

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If you don’t worship your girls ass what are you even doing

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The Zodiac Signs Sleep Habits


♈ Aries Zodiac Signs: Aries are a hyperactive sign and tend to have sleeping troubles. Their dreams are often intense and vivid, They find it very hard to wind down at night and ignore the health benefits of good sleep. Slide sleeping is known to improve sleep quality 
♉ Taurus Zodiac Signs: Sleep can be very fitful for Taurus if they are not

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Imagine having 2 dads, and then them divorcing and dating other men. Then you’d have 4 dads.

The amount of dad jokes…

"I’m hungry"
"Hi hungry, I’m dad."
"Hi dad, I’m dad too!"
"Hi dad too, I’m dad three."
"Hi dad three, I’m dad."

What have you done

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