Reality is a Prison

Online Users obession with collarbones and shoulder blades.

Someone message me and keep me company


Running seems like a great idea until you actually start running

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in hell you have to explain every one of your text posts to a sweet old lady from the 1800s

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People talk about how hard long distance relationships are but nobody talks about the struggle of long distance friendships. I would give my left leg right now to just be able to sit in our pjs and watch movies or to just be able to give a big fucking hug. 

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Grow up with me 💜

Let’s run in fields and fear the dark together. Fall off swings, and burn special things, and both play outside in bad weather. Let’s eat badly. Let’s watch adults drink wine and laugh at their idiocy. Let’s sit in the back of the car, making eye contact with strangers driving past, making them uncomfortable.
Not caring.
Not swearing.
Don’t fuck.
Let’s both reclaim our superpowers;
the ones we all have and lose with our milk teeth. The ability not to fear social awkwardness. To panic when locked in the cellar; still sure there’s something down there. And while picking from pillows each feather, let’s both stay away from the edge of the bed, forcing us closer together.
Let’s sit in public, with ice cream all over both our faces; sticking our tongues out at passers by.
Let’s cry.
Let’s swim.
Let’s everything.
Let’s not find it funny lest someone falls over. Classical music is boring. Poetry baffles us both; there’s nothing that’s said is what’s meant. Plays are long, tiresome, sullen, and filled; with hours that could be spent rolling down hills, and grazing our knees on cement. Let’s hear stories and both lose our innocence. Learn about parents and forgiveness, death and morality, kindness and art, thus losing both of our innocent hearts, but at least we won’t do it apart.



Animal fun fact: Chinchillas can’t get wet. Their fur retains too much water and will start to grow mold. So they bathe by rolling around in dust.

Chinchilla fun fact: Chinchillas have around 20 hairs per follicle; unlike humans who have 2-3 hairs per follicle. Because their fur is so dense, they cannot get fleas or other parasites. The bugs will suffocate in their fur.

Chinchilla fun fact: Petting one of those awesome little guys feels like touching a motherfucking cloud.

Chinchilla fun fact: Their newborn babies are like little pieces of fluffy popcorn. You could easily just toss a handful in your mouth.

Chinchilla fun fact: Don’t toss a handful into your mouth.

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